Application examples

For more than 35 years, ZERUST®/EXCOR® has led the market in quality corrosion solution products for the packaging, shipping and storage of valuable metal items Here are application examples of ZERUST®/EXCOR® products.

South America

In most cases temporary corrosion protection is a combination of corrosion protection agents and packaging; they are mutually dependent on each other. The configuration of the packaging should ensure corrosion protection. However, it should also be simple to use, unproblematic to remove, environmentally compatible and economical. Our packaging engineers develop solutions which are oriented to the respective goods, type and duration of shipment, and which can be easily integrated in the user’s processes. In addition to the external transport packaging, the internal packaging, whose design is fundamental important for rational packing and unpacking, is also fundamentally included in this consideration.

Components packed on pallets, cartons or boxes are protected by specially adjusted bags made of anti-corrosion film VCI Zerust®/Excor® .

We can produce hand-welded cubature bags with which are adjusted to the packaging’s or devices’ size.

Crankshafts individually packed in Zerust®/Excor® ferrous bags preventing corrosion and contamination.

Gears packed in a Zerust®/Excor® ferrous crate liner that covers the interior dividers in order to prevent contact with corrosion-causing wood.

We can project solution of the anti-corrosion protection for devices which have big or nonstandard sizes.

Our engineers Zerust®/Excor® will select the form of anti-corrosive protection which is the most appropriate for technical and economical purposes.

The instruction projected by our Zerust®/Excor® engineers which is suitable for packing coils in Zerust®/Excor® VCI film steel rings type coils.

Zerust®/Excor® emitters are very practical solution for preventing form corrosion problems in electronics industry.

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